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                                                                                                   9 janvier  2023

The President

Sammy Ghozlan

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Communiqué de Presse

As France commemorates, a Mohamed Merah T-shirt seen in Toulouse

Merah 7.png


The BNVCA condemns the vile brutality of the man who wore a T Shirt marked with the name of the terrorist assassin who killed a total of 7 people in March 2012 in Toulouse Ln March 11, 2012, in Toulouse, Imad Ibn Ziaten will be the first military victim why terrorist  In Montauban, on March 15, 2012, Mohamed Farah Chamse-Dine Legouad, belonging to the 1er Parachute Regiment as well as Corporal  Abel Chennouf will be slaughtered. On March 19, at 8 a.m., the killer, filled with hatred of France and the Jews, shot Jonathan Sandler and his two children Gabriel, 3 and a half years old, with the pacifier in their mouths,  and Arieh, 6 years old, then enters the schoolyard where he  kills little Myriam Monsonego who had taken a few steps back to pick up her tutu.

7 victims, like the 7 of this despicable T Shirt.

Toulouse FC made a statement to denonce this shameful jersey, which, according to their checks, did not go through the official circuit of Toulouse FC shops.

Toulouse hub of hatred of Israel and the apology of terrorism

The BNVCA is not not surprised that this new provocation takes place in Toulouse, the very place where the sinister killer raged. Since then, relentlessly, Toulouse has been under constant attack by the Collectif Palestine Vaincra, whose announced dissolution has been suspended by the Council of State. Indeed, the activism of the Collectif Palestine Vaincra is daily, advocating duly convicted terrorists and inciting hatred of Israel and the Jews.

The BNVCA asks the Minister of the Interior to identify this individual as quickly as possible and to have him imprisoned, because, if he were to be in possession of weapons, the risk of acting out would be maximum.

The BNVCA instructs its Council to file a complaint against the individual who, by wearing this T-Shirt, promotes terrorism and hatred of France and the Jews.

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