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Sammy Ghozlan January 6, 2023

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Press release

The UN Security Council has the wrong target: who is violating the status quo?

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The BNVCA notes that the determination of the UN Security Council, which met urgently for two hours on Thursday, January 5, to discuss the visit of a few minutes by Minister Itamar ben Gvir to the Temple Mount n unsurprisingly came to nothing.

By voting unanimously to maintain the status quo on the Temple Mount, the Security Council has in fact aligned itself with the position of Israel, which regularly reiterates its commitment not to change the status quo.

What is this status quo?

After the recovery of the Old City of Jerusalem in June 1967, Moshe Dayan established with the Jordanian Waqf the terms of a status quo, with the aim of easing potential religious tensions. Today, this generous decision has become the source of permanent conflicts. Some do not hesitate to attribute Moshe Dayan's decision to the Muslim world's ignorance, a decision that was never endorsed by any Israeli government.

The "status quo" on the Temple Mount establishes that the internal part of the site is managed by the Waqf and that Israel is responsible for external security and maintaining public order. This status quo in force since 1967 provides that non-Muslim visitors have the right to visit the esplanade but not to organize prayers there. By shouting every day at the change of status quo, the Palestinians use the technique that they themselves used by shouting every day that they were victims, until becoming a kind of "sacred cows" of humanity .

Who violates the status quo?

The status quo, which granted the Waqf only internal control of the site, is violated by the Waqf itself. Indeed, with regard to the reconstruction of the access walkway located overhanging the Kotel, therefore on the Israeli side, its reconstruction was considered by the Waqf as a violation of the status quo, whereas it does not enter the everything in his area of ​​expertise 

Free access is no longer free

During the Second Intifada, between 2000 and 2003, Jews were banned from entering the Temple Mount. Today, access for Jews is restricted to a few hours a day, which contravenes the initial provisions and violates the status quo.

The site is almost never closed to Muslims, except exceptionally, such as in July 2017, when the Mount was closed for a few days, after terrorists murdered two Israeli police officers patrolling the site. Killing policemen on the Temple Mount could have destroyed the status quo, which was however restored after only a few days of interruption.

Regarding the layout of the site

Until the mid-90s, only the Al-Aqsa Mosque was open to the public for prayers, since other places of prayers have been built illegally. During the underground conversion of King Solomon's Stables into a mosque, done against Israeli advice, the Palestinians engaged in a dramatic looting of archaeological remains dating back to the Second Temple period. No one at the UN or at UNESCO was then offended by these violations…. Today, there are no less than five Muslim places of prayer, on or under the Esplanade, when there were only two mosques and one place of prayer: status quo?

And tomorrow?

The vocabulary of “Palestinians” relayed by press agencies aimed at Muslim and Western countries kindles a fire which, quickly, can become out of control. 

To accuse, with each step taken by a Jew on the Temple Mount, that it is a change of the status quo, an "attack" or a "storming" with the will of " destroy Al-Aqsa", is not only false but criminal. How best to stir up hatred of Jews and Israel, because anti-Semitism never goes away. The “pathetic” UN session served as a loudspeaker for this shameless propaganda. The noise of a flat tire made by this meeting, which did not even publish a press release, will receive less media coverage. In short, the balance of communication remains in favor of the Palestinians. How many future “unbalanced” people are going to hear and believe that the Jews have changed the status quo” and are “storming” Al-Aqsa? The responsibility for anti-Semitic attacks will be sought precisely there, in the echo given to the vociferations of this people invented as a weapon to destroy Israel according to the words of Arafat, 

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