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The President

Sammy Ghozlan January 17, 2023

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Press release

AFP, well relayed, suffocates by dint of vociferating against Israel: until when?


The BNVCA condemns daily articles that demonize Israel. From the "supremacist" government to the killers of Palestinians, passing by the inevitable "aggression of Al-Aqsa", nothing is missing from this picture which has nothing to envy to the worst descriptions of the "Jew" before the war.

Deceitful, arrogant, committing ritual crimes and accused of making Passover unleavened bread with blood, we find all these old themes, more or less enriched. In its January 16 article, Le Figaro returns to a 14-year-old Palestinian boy "killed" during clashes. At no time was Le Figaro or its inspiration, AFP, surprised by the fact that this boy should not have been there, in the midst of terrorists and Tsahal soldiers. Unless he too carried a weapon or Molotov cocktails, which makes him a terrorist, a young terrorist but a terrorist. Like so many others.


All countries have the right to neutralize terrorists. Except Israel. Israel, country of all anti-Semitic and conspiratorial fantasies, should accept the assassination of its citizens, of its soldiers who are only Jews, therefore usurpers, land thieves, child murderers, etc. For more details on the charges, address the lies of BDS, the Palestinian Authority which pays salaries to the killers of Jews or the representatives of the States which systematically vote against Israel but have nothing to say about what is happening in Iran, Syria, the Mali, etc.


Worrying signs of the trivialization of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism

The Kosovar who brandished a knife in Strasbourg and was finally prevented from committing irreparable harm by a policeman outside his service, claimed responsibility for his act in the name of Allah Akbar and "You will go to hell because of what you made in Palestine”. At this stage, however, the aggravating circumstance of terrorism is not retained. The BNVCA is only slightly surprised: with such demonization of Israel, acting out becomes harmless. The responsibility of the media is heavy: each attack “to avenge Palestinian children”, as the Islamist killer from Toulouse declared, must also be attributed to them.

As for the terrorist Salah Hamouri, he has already been received with great fanfare in the Senate by Esther Benbassa. This same Hamouri is expected as a guest of honor in the municipalities of 93, which can already boast of having eliminated a majority of Jews from their municipalities. Secularism, which has a good back, adapts above all to the veil.

Honoring a Terrorist Convicted of Trying to Eliminate Israel's Chief Rabbi is the new way to develop hatred of Israel, here in France. This hatred of Israel where the anti-Jewish act germinates.

The BNVCA alerts its fellow citizens of the Jewish faith to the dramatic level of dissemination of anti-Semitism in its recent, more malignant and unrepressed form, because the “Dirty Zionist” is not a criminal offence.  

The BNVCA encourages citizens of the Jewish faith to be extra vigilant for themselves and their children. The "unbalanced", so numerous in our country, are contagious and the press has become a detonator

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