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Sammy Ghozlan January 19, 2023

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Press release

,United States: an alarming increase in anti-Semitism and its anti-Zionist variant



THE. BNVCA asks citizens of the Jewish faith to beware of the anti-Jewish hatred that threatens them and develops dangerously  

The BNVCA deplores the increase in anti-Semitic prejudice and attacks revealed by an investigation by the Anti Defamation League. 85% of Americans now believe in at least one anti-Jewish trope (up from 61% in 2019), while 20% believe in six or more tropes (up from 11% in 2019). Additionally, 40% say they believe at least “somewhat” that Israel treats Palestinians the same way the Nazis treated Jews, while 18% are uncomfortable with spending time with a woman. person who supports Israel.

Is the United States plunging back into its old racism?

Need we talk again about the Sioux, the last of the Mohicans and the Indians, hunted down, herded, killed, decimated and dispossessed of their land. As for anti-black racism, it allowed this population to remain treated like slaves until the beginning of the 60s. Racism made this supposedly great country, America, a stunted country, eaten away by the hatred of others. Could it be that today the United States between wokism, conspiracy and Palestinianism finds itself once again creating zones of exclusion, this time intended for Israel and the Jews? This, even though every stage of the history of American life has been marked by the contribution of Jews. Their president Joe Biden is said to have a failing memory, just like his people.

A climate nourished by fake news, conspiracy and the “lies” of pro-Palestinians

From Whoopi Goldberg's Holocaust denial statements to Kanye West's statement "Every human being has brought something of value, especially Hitler" without forgetting, neither the media nor the universities where to be authorized to speak, the speakers see each other forced to pledge not to support Israel, the elements of the descent into hell are united. Such a climate of discrimination and demonization, fueled by fake news, conspiracy and lies from all pro-Palestinian groups, fuels anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. Almost a force-feeding, because, by dint of hearing the same repeated lies, the brains soften

A 42% increase in anti-Semitic acts in New York

The increase revealed by this survey is a statistical consequence of brain-feeding hatred of Israel and the Jews. The 42% increase in anti-Semitic acts in New York, where violent attacks are increasing, is the concrete consequence.

The BNVCA regularly warns of the dangers  of  anti-Semitic discourse that saturates social networks and on thecampaigns to demonize Israel,  like the one currently underway on "the torture of Palestinian children", knows that the figures in France are just as worrying

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