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The President

Sammy Ghozlan January 20, 2023

01 77 38 49 44

Press release

Barcelona vs Tel Aviv



The BNVCA learns with sadness, anger and great concern the announcement of the city of Barcelona to sever its relations with the Israeli city of Tel-Aviv, for the benefit of Palestine. This measure is initiated by the Ecologist City Council and Mayor Ada Colau of Barcelona. The BNVCA stresses that if bullfighting is no longer on the Barcelona program, it will be replaced by bullfights targeting Jewish people, especially since wherever Palestinianism takes hold, anti-Jewish acts and assassinations develop.

The BNVCA calls on the leaders of the Jewish community in Barcelona to take all necessary security measures. The BNVCA reminds ecologists in Barcelona that the Torah is full of ecological principles and rules applied by Israel for the harmonious development of agriculture and the protection of fauna and flora, but that the environmentalist rule of the Palestinians is to throw Jews at sea.

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