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The President

Sammy Ghozlan January 16, 2023

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Press release

Antisemitic aggression “Allah Akbar. You will all go to hell because of Palestine”



The BNVCA condemns the anti-Zionist Islamo-terrorist act committed in Strasbourg on January 14 around 17 p.m. in the Meinau district, by an Arabic-speaking Kosovar. The individual, who chanted Allah Akbar, is still considered not to enjoy his mental faculties. And yet his threats and his deed are clear: You will all go to hell because of it. Palestine ". The BNVCA asks the authorities to reverse their hasty decision and treat this attack as terrorist at the risk of seeing the author commit a more serious attack in the short term.

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  • luc nemeth
    Published 16th January 2023 13h10 0Likes

    I am amazed at the lack of protest from court Jews following the appointment of the little gestapette bélaval philippe to the post of “cultural adviser” at the élysée. It is I remind you with the protection of the person concerned that two Nazillons wearing fake police uniforms and who in April 1995 had assaulted a pregnant Algerian woman in Courchevoie had then resumed their post without incident at the national library, from which they were officials. He is also known for having in 2015 first denied that a delegation of Israeli students wishing to visit the Sainte-Chapelle had been boycotted then, when the fact had been confirmed, having then and with all the bad faith of which these “good French people”, especially when they are enarques, can be capable, asserted and without his nose getting longer that even if the discrimination was proven here, it did not prove that it resulted from a hostile intention.

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