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judicial actions
Nature Preservation
Home Protection

Support Our
Volunteer Program
to Save Lives


Save Our Environment

New alternative ways to get through a tornado

Help us take care of the environment and avoid the disasters that are caused by nature. Join our community to become a volunteer and make the difference!

George Reynolds


Natural disaster victims need your support now

There are thousands of people who have lost their homes and jobs to natural disasters all over the globe. You can help them find shelter and start a new life.

Melissa Moore


We are committed to working with victims

Rescuing people and helping them survive during natural disasters is one of the main reasons why our organization functions. Join our security patrol today!

Brian Walker


Building a Better Future

Join us to help tornado victims
all over the globe - become a partner and save lives.

Build a better future!

The BNVCA has been fully mobilized in the fight against anti-Semitism for over twenty years.
In particular, we are very active with regard to its new variant, anti-Zionism, present in all the major issues that have marked the news, but also on a daily basis with regard to everyday dirty anti-Semitism, the harassment that affects our children, the isolated families.
The BNVCA team is a small team made up of volunteers.
Our structure costs are close to zero.
The donations that you want to make to our association will therefore only be allocated to our actions.
You are aware that these require increasingly large sums, particularly in terms of legal costs.
Major fact: we have no subsidy or support from any organization whatsoever, which guarantees our independence and gives us the freedom to act without external constraint.
The end of the year is approaching, we are able to issue you CERFA receipts which will allow you to reduce your income tax up to 66% of the donation made. So each donation will only cost you 34% of its amount!
You have chosen this targeted donation because you want your donation to be entirely devoted to building a better future and a more united society. Your wish will be fully respected.
When you have made your donation, you will receive confirmation.
In the confirmation page, you can immediately download your CERFA receipt!
We need you.
Thanks in advance for your support.
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