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The BNVCA appalled by the Jewish-Jewish debate around Zemmour



The BNVCA, whose mission is to fight anti-Semitism every day, is dismayed to see the extent of the Jewish-Jewish debate around Zemmour. The BNVCA recently recalled that "the Jewish vote does not exist" and that citizens of the Jewish faith vote, like all citizens, according to their personal decisions. The BNVCA recalls that the young Jewish students recently beaten up in Lyon, as well as the culprits who are currently in the dock in the Mireille Knoll case, are part of Islamist anti-Semitism which feeds on Palestinianism and the background noise of more more audible of an uninhibited anti-Semitism. The swastikas that disfigure the walls of our cities are a horror that plays shamelessly on the darkest page in the history of humanity and awakens sleeping monsters. The current debate of Jewish personalities on the candidacy of Zemmour has the effect of amplifying anti-Semitism, of all anti-Semitism. The resurgence of anti-Semitism can only accelerate in the face of this runaway media scene, especially with regard to the small percentage of Jews. Zemmour did not present himself as a representative of the Jewish community, his questionable and disputed statements should not come to reinforce the old conspiracy of "they are everywhere".

The BNVCA, very shocked by the factious declarations of Zemmour, considers that the elites of the Jewish community should have treated all this with contempt. It is urgent to put an end to this sterile debate which widens the field of action of anti-Semites, whether they are of the far right or the far left. In this brouhaha, it becomes more difficult to continue verbal attacks like those of Mélenchon or Le Pen relaxed after his sinister "batch". This debate serves citizens of the Jewish faith, it serves the attention due to the presidential election, it serves democracy. 

The BNVCA expects a return to the restraint befitting the presidential campaign

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