Thank you April BENAYOUM !


Thank you April BENAYOUM!

The National Bureau of Vigilance Against Antisemitism, the BNVCA, expresses its gratitude to April Benayoum. Thanks to this young woman who uttered the simple word "Israeli" And in an instant, the whole of France was able to become aware of the extent and violence of anti-Semitism which reigns in the neighborhoods, in social networks, in the countryside, in the cities, in short in France. Facts that we have been denouncing for years but which did not cross the wall of compassionate gaze. Even insulted Finkielkraut had not reached this level. It is true that there is no comparison between the French Academy and the Miss France Competition. But both are France.

The Miss France pageant saw the crowning of Miss Normandy, in whom grace and beauty meet. Congratulations Miss Normandy!

When Miss Provence introduces herself, she declares that her Croatian mother and her Italian-Israeli father As soon as the problem arose: Israel, the word haunted by years of false propaganda about the Jewish Etqt "genocidal, apartheid, colonialist state" and others untruths meeting a real success, in accordance with the formula of Goebbels, this merry Nazi "the bigger the lie, the more it passes". So, the moment the word Israeli is spoken, a platform, which counts the messages, registers a peak. In a few minutes, 40 messages will be posted on social networks. From “Uncle Hitler should have exterminated Miss Provence” to “She doesn't know that Israel doesn't exist, it's Palestine”, we have all levels of abjection. A sort of compilation of clichés of anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic hatred, a live demonstration that it is indeed two sides of the same hatred, breaks under the haggard eyes of France still dazzled by the spectacle of so many beauties.

The last Miss France election

In the country of human rights, where some see in the election of Miss France a reminiscence of a macho and outdated France, the appointment of a candidate to popular vindictiveness risks signing the end of the Miss France election. . April Benayoum was no longer a young French woman with a beauty fallen from the sky, but a "Zionist" with all the attributes attached to this qualifier. Racism and anti-Semitism are displayed on all social networks: stigmatization, rejection and the worst becomes possible. Miss Provence has been the subject of an outpouring of hatred, because it seems that we have already entered racialist France. Where everyone is biologically or sexually determined with a point of paroxysm: the Jews still called "Zionists", associated with money, with Israel and with all the untruths of an omnipresent hate propaganda, from social networks to authorized demonstrations of Comics. The citizen disappears, replaced by labels, the worst of which – beyond the hatred of white people, of the policeman, of secular and democratic France – is that of Jew, which becomes the epitaph of the French citizen. Just as the intervention of the police finally during the last demonstration, was able to prevent the thugs from ransacking Paris again, thanks to a bold and determined movement. Likewise, in the face of this violence, we must respond without weakening.

Behind the screens, the roots of evil

Hidden behind their screens, the losers who talk about Uncle Hitler are the fruit of years of laissez-faire, complacency and denial. After the period when every Jew naturally benefited from the protection due to the cataclysm of the Holocaust, after 1967 and the damage of the "arrogant, dominating and self-confident people", there was the Intifada at the beginning of the 2000s with, according to the formula consecrated "the importation of conflict". Didn't we hear in the streets of Paris "France is ours" by quasi-illiterates with keffiyeh shouting their hatred to an Immortal or "Cut the Jews' throat" in Arabic, under police protection and with prefectural authorization. Yet that didn't change anything: emotion, rallying, speeches, tweets, Bds because we can't ignore those whose stock in trade is hatred of Israel and therefore of the Jews, continues. Last week a display in Toulouse featured a bloody poster with the Puma logo, sponsor of the Israeli football team, and the phrase Puma “official sponsor of the Israeli colonizers”. Twenty years of false propaganda tending to delegitimize the State of Israel, the only Jewish state, leave traces, especially on minds who, according to the expression, have as a "cultural code" the rejection of all that is Jewish or Israeli related. . The procrastination around the definition of anti-Semitism, which, to this day in France, still does not include anti-Zionism as well.

  Of course the BNVCA immediately filed a complaint. Of course, strong observatory against hate online and with the help of BTA we will identify anonymous anti-Semites Of course we alerted the authorities who reacted. Of course as usual we won't give up 

When will anonymity end on social networks?

There is not a day without a new personality being the subject of death threats, yesterday Elisabeth Lévy, not to mention the death threats against President Emmanuel Macron or earlier, those against Nicolas Sarkozy, all suspected of links with Jews. The end of anonymity on the networks, whatever the difficulties of implementation, must not wait any longer. Twitter, whose headquarters is in Los Angeles, should it not, before justice intervenes, be immediately withdrawn from its users and in particular from all politicians and journalists? As for the Dieudonnés and consorts purveyors of hatred, even condemned, they continue to spread their venom and to perform in public. The delays of justice are counted in years, while a tweet or a message only takes a few seconds. We look forward to the announced measures of immediate appearance

I myself was received as president of the BNVCA by the Cabinet of the Minister Marlène Schapppia within the framework of the law on separatism to give her our point of view with Maitre Baccouche 

And in real life

Finally, if social networks are the visible part of the iceberg of anti-Semitism, how many people today live in terror in their apartments, victims of harassment, insults and threats. Of course, in so-called sensitive neighborhoods, but also elsewhere from Neuilly/Seine to charming little provincial towns, people struggle in anguish with no recourse other than to wait, between walls oozing with fear while harassers keep walking and laughing. One can only be surprised, in this situation, that the community institutions, which are constantly collecting money, have not provided for an emergency fund dedicated to these people to help them find new accommodation. Should not the thought of Sarah Halimi remain omnipresent and encourage not only extreme vigilance, but also to take measures to get these people out of a hostile environment? Why can't Jewish children stay in public schools whose directors make the grim observation that they cannot guarantee their safety? Why were the perpetrators of the Aubervilliers attack released, although two of the four arrested were in an illegal situation? What is the actual monitoring of S files, its effectiveness? What is the integration planned for all those who arrive with such different cultures, when they are not in opposition to our way of life, whether it is with regard to women or Jews? At the end of excessively long procedures, the BNVCA wishes that, from now on, the damages will no longer bea symbolic euro but take into account that the perpetrators of the offenses of anti-Semitism or Holocaust denial contribute above all to compensating the memory of the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. One euro yes, but for each victim is six million euros. Unreasonable. Isn't it unreasonable to have allowed a virus to flourish for which the vaccine is still not known.

Finally, during the last demonstration, the intervention of the police was able to prevent, thanks to a bold and determined movement, that the thugs ransacked Paris once again. Likewise, in the face of this violence, we must respond without weakening.


Generations “Anti-Semitism”. What future ?


Highlighting the ugly face of racism and anti-Semitism must not continue to disfigure France. Let's not let the light of France flicker, too much blood has been shed to revive it. The law on the reinforcement of republican principles must fully grasp this dimension.

Antisemitism, like Covid 19, is a virus that can only be contained by mobilizing and empowering everyone. Every centimeter lost in the fight against all forms of violence jeopardizes French society, of which Jews are an integral and integrated part. .


 The discomfort of the Jews of. France is real and our concern is growing; we who at the BNVCA are both the sentinel and the fighter                 

Anti-Semitism Generations; this is how history will describe Jewish children born since 2000 They have known nothing but having to be careful to avoid being targeted, having to take off their yarmulkes, close the walls, leave public school, hide their origin their belief and so on Do they still have a future in this old Europe and in France I doubt it because. France and the European Union are still passionately and obsessively in love with a hypothetical Palestine which leads them to despise Israeli democracy This attitude, carried to the point of iniquitous decisions by international bodies, is likely to encourage the behavior hostile to Israel which manifests itself on social networks to threaten and insult a young girl in the Miss France 2020 contest. There is no doubt that this competition will remain etched in the history of anti-Semitism in France. 


Sammy Ghozlan and Evelyne Gougenheim