The BNVCA invited by the Ministry of the Interior for a consultation on the draft law on the strengthening of republican principles



The BNVCA was invited by the Ministry of the Interior, more specifically by the Office of Ms. Marlene Schiappa, Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Interior in charge of Citizenship, to participate in the consultations prior to the debate on the bill initially named on separatism and became a bill on the strengthening of republican principles.

The President of the BNVCA Sammy Ghozlan and our adviser Maître Charles Baccouche were received at the Ministry of the Interior on December 1 by Mr Sébastien Jallet Préfet, director of the Cabinet of Mrs Schiappa and Mr LeAdviser Thomas URDY

 During the interview during which the authorities explained the aims and effects of this bill, Maître Charles. Baccouche referred to the legal action taken by the BNVCA against the actions of. BDS incitement to hatred of Israel which instigated anti-Jewish act. And Sammy. Ghozlan President of the BNVCA recalled the long and incessant fight of the BNVCA against the hatred that develops on social networks, a symptom of a sick democracy He insisted on the need to quickly put in place this law which will reinforce the principle of secularism and will allow Internet users who are perpetrators of hatred and threats to be quickly punished by the courts. Similarly, the 2 representatives of the BNVCA expressed their conviction that this law will make it possible to restore the authority of the State, particularly in sectors where separatist and extremist elements , Islamists would like to impose their religious laws instead of the laws of the Republic 

The interview took place in a very informative and cordial atmosphere.

Mr. Sammy Ghozlan has made a commitment to his hosts, to help promote this bill, and to ensure that the BNVCA as a whole supports this important and long-awaited law.