66, rue Laugier 75017 Paris
29th October

The National Bureau of Vigilance Against Antisemitism, the BNVCA, condemns the Islamo-terrorist attack committed this morning October 29 around 9 a.m. in the Basilica of Notre Dame in Nice, by a man armed with a knife killing three people whom he slit her throat and decapitated her. Several injuries are also to be deplored. Such is the terrible toll of a new knife attack targeting France and its values, in the Basilica of Nice. Nice, a city already scarred by Islamist terror.

War of civilizations, cultures or religions, whatever the denomination, what the BNVCA has been denouncing for years is now displayed in broad daylight in France: the enemies of France, of the Republic, of the freedom that we represent , have declared war on us. Those who spoke of the extension of the caliphate or other terms, taking into account the imperialist will of Islamism, were hitherto accused of fascistic racists, are now viewed differently. It took Samuel Paty, it took beheadings.  

When we denounced the anti-Jewish attacks and called the anti-Semitic aggressors and murderers Islamo-fascists, we were not heard.

The horrible beheading of the professor will have finally triggered awareness. It is not too late, it will never be too late, but we consider that the required vigilance is insufficient. The BNVCA calls on the government to declare a state of emergency to protect the French people and fight Islamo-fascism.

It is now necessary to take drastic and effective preventive measures against those who in France are waging war against France, against French Jews and Christians. Pure and simple forfeiture of French nationality, expulsions from the territory, cessation of payment of social and other allowances, dissolution of Islamist, Salafist and extremist associations, systematic checks, day and night, of accommodation centers and workers' hostels , etc….

We suspect that this type of attack will happen again. This is why we recommend that all places with a religious connotation, Jewish and Christian, in particular private Jewish and Catholic schools, kosher establishments, parishes, festivals and religious ceremonies, that all these places are henceforth under the supervision of authorized security guards and armed. We must now and without delay put out of harm's way all those who support these enemy currents of France and the French, including those who, voluntarily or not, by irresponsible words fan the fire of hatred. 

To the victims, to the families of the victims, to the city of Nice, to our beautiful country France once again touched to the heart, we wish everyone the necessary courage to endure and fight.