National tribute to Samuel Paty

The moving entry of the coffin on U2's "One" | The HuffPost

For this ceremony of homage to the professor, his family had chosen one of his favorite music for the entry of his coffin into the courtyard of honor of the Sorbonne.

NATIONAL TRIBUTE – “One love, one blood, one life”. It is on the words of U2 that the coffin of Samuel Paty entered the courtyard of honor of the Sorbonne this October 21 at 19:30 p.m. the national tribute to the beheaded professor last Fridayas you can see in the video above.

The family chose the music "One" of the Irish group to pay tribute to him, one of the favorite music of the beheaded history and geography teacher the 16 last October.

Output in 1992, music speaks of love, but also of unity and unity, a strong message after this terrible tragedy. It would have been written to evoke several news like the fight against AIDS, the reunification of theGermany or the reconciliation of the group.

On the last musical notes, the coffin was placed in the middle of the courtyard. A red cushion on which was the Legion of Honor was added.

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